Monday, April 13, 2009

A South Dakota Spring!

Well, today spring finally seems upon us! I do so hope that it continues. With all the changes that come with spring, my life seems to continue to change a little each day. A little over 2 weeks ago I moved out of Laci and Brett's house and in with my friend Steph. Steph had kindly offered me a room in her home a month or so ago, and I was very excited to take her up on it. I'm looking forward to being a little bit settled for awhile. I'm very tired of living out of a suitcase and she has really tried to make me feel as though I have my own space. It's great. We've had a great time so far and I'm completely thankful for her opening her home to me.
Work is still going very well. I keep pretty busy and have gotten to know so many people. Working in HR the last few months has made me overlly grateful for just having a job. Its amazing how many people are without one right now.
I'm starting to really count down the days until John moves home. Each day I wake up and go to bed thinking about how wonderful it will be when we are together again. Although I try to stay really positive about the entire situation, I do hope we never have to do it again. Thankfully he will be home for a quick trip in a week. I can't wait! It will be so great just to see his face, even though its only for a few days.
Other than the day-to-day I have had plenty of opportunities to keep busy. I've made a trip to Iowa to visit John's Mom and Dad, Buck, and Bella. We celebrated Dave's Birthday and had a great time just catching up with all the changes in everyone's lives. I've also made a few trips up to Volga for different things: birthdays, ect. Getting to be involved in everything again makes me sooo glad to be home. Nevada was a great experience for both John and I, but I am so thankful that I no longer have to miss these events.
Well, thats all for now. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! See you all soon!

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