Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hey everyone!

Since John posted last time I decided I would step up to the plate on this one. Well, we've officially been Nevadans for a few weeks now, and we've learned a lot about what it means to live here. First, it's HOT! Fortunately for us, while you all are sweating to death in humidity, we go out in 90 degree weather and don't require a shower immediately, but boy is it dry. You wouldn't believe the amount of water, lotion, and chapstick we've consumed in just a few short weeks! Second, Las Vegas stinks! We are quickly learning that all of Nevada suffers due to the short comings of Vegas. All the prices here (e.g. insurance) are dictated by the crazy lives of those who live in Vegas. Ugh! Third, the landscape is beautiful (in it's own way)! We are quickly becoming aquainted with the beauty that northern Nevada has to offer. The best part is that driving just a few minutes in different directions you are able to find very diverse landscapes. From mountains, to salt flats, to desert, there is so much to see and experience.

We have recently embarked on our first Nevada nature excursion. This past weekend John, myself, and two of John's coworkers went on a camping trip in the Ruby mountains (about 1 hour from Wendover). The landscape was absolutely breathtaking. We drove up to Angel Lake, an alpine like about 8000 ft above sea level. Because the guys really wanted to hike we decided to hike up another 1000 ft. to smith lake and camp there. All was good until I discovered my fear of little paths with jagged rock drop-off's below. You may ask John for details, but to give you the overall scenario I came completely unhinged! We promise to post pictures sometime soon. Our camera cord has been misplaced in the move.

Anyways, we are trying hard to learn about, and experience what the area has to offer, so when each of you come to visit us (SOON) we can share all of this with you! We miss you all terribly and love getting phone calls! Also, thanks to everyone who has sent us cards! It's so fun getting mail!

Just a note as well...we don't have our internet set up yet so we are doing all of this from the school. At the school we are not able to access facebook. I noticed in my email that many have sent messages through that. Sorry guys! Not going to be able to respond. Below I've listed our direct emails and the website for cheap flights for visiting us! I'm sure you're all anxious for a little vaca!

Love you all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

West Wendover!

We are settled into our new home and the weather is fabulous. I am very excited to start school and I actually started getting paid today so that is great. The program RISE for teachers new to the school district is great (it's kinda like CA Training for those of you who remember-but a lot more professional and less patronising). I am really excited to teach but maybe not as excited as they are to have us here! Amy is getting certified to Substitute, which could lead to a long term deal, while she pursues her ELED degree. There are many new teachers to WWHS and a lot of younger people as well, I guess in the Elementary School too. All are very nice people and fun to talk with and will be great to work with.
I can't get over how wonderful the weather is here. The mornings and evenings are so beautiful and comfortable, and the sun shines everyday--can't beat it. I'm really tempted to get a membership and golf but priorities won't allow it as of yet. My friend Brian and I are gonna do some mountain biking and hike Pilot's Peak pretty soon (10,000 ft.) as well as swim in angel lake. I have heard one may cliff dive there as well!
Life here is pretty laid back and I know I will be able to focus of work and we will become accepted greatly in the community--we already have. We look forward to visitors but it's great to be on our own and I am enjoying cooking every night. I made a spicy pasta the other night that was delicious, despite it being a bit spicy for Amy's taste. We walk everywhere which is good for our bodies and we're still poor so we don't eat very much which is good for our weight. I think we've both lost weight since being here. The air is dry so we suck down a lot of water, but that just makes us healthier too! We are looking ahead but it's nice to slow down and settle in after an exhaustive and expensive move. We miss our friends and family but know you are busy as we are and will visit soon. Take care all, more to come. JOHN