Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Brand New Start!

Hey everyone.
It's amazing how quickly life can change, and mine has done just that. I have had numerous BIG changes, and most for the better in the last month.
As most of you know I stayed in South Dakota this past January and February in the hopes of finding a new job. The goal was for me to get started in a solid career in order to help make the transition from Nevada back to South Dakota easier. Well, by mid February I was feel very down with basically no activity on the job front. Then during a wierd turn of events my mom and Bill ran into the VP of Human Resources for Lewis Drug at the Lewis raquetball tournament that Bill was playing in. They mentioned me and he asked me to come in and interview for his assistant position. I went in the following Monday and Wednesday I was offered the position.
I've now been with Lewis for three weeks, and I love it. My boss is great and all the people I've met here have been very welcoming and friendly. The work I do at times is overwhelming, but I feel as though I'm getting the hang of what needs to be done on a daily basis.
My job consists of two very differen parts. First, I do a lot of Human Resource work including new employee orientations, employee paperwork, scheduling, applicant tracking, ect. Second, is working with Loss Prevention. This area is a very new experience for me, and is definitely teaching me a lot. I basically am in charge of dealing with all the paperwork that happens when we deal with a shoplifter or someone you writes a bad check at one of the stores. This has been incredibly challenging, but also has been, and will continue to be, a great learning experience. Overall, I think this will be a great place to create a career in Human Resources. I'm very happy.
Although work is great, it has been hard being so far from John. We talk daily and I was able to make a trip back to Nevada before I started my job. It was so nice to see, not only John, but also all our friends back there. I'm glad I got the chance to say good-byes and even was able to substitute teach for my favorite class one more time. It was a great trip and I was suprised how hard it was to leave. Needless to say, I'll be glad when John is back. It's just not quite home without him.
Now the next few months will be full of planning for our new life here. With my job going well, I now need to start looking for a place for us to live. I'm still staying with Laci and Brett. I'm so thankful for them and their generosity. Although it's been great staying with them, I'm anxious to have my own place again and to start making a home here. That is one thing I loved about Nevada. Our apartment was never fabulous, but it was definitely "us". I'm ready to have that type of space again.
Well, that's all for now. Take care and I love you all!
P.S. Next time I'll try to include some pics!

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